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The MP4000 is a 40-ton ironworker, powered by a 110/120V, single phase standard wall outlet or generator. It’s compact and sturdy design boasts 40 tons of pressure at the punch station and 20 tons of pressure at the central workstation. This allows the user to punch a 1” round hole through 3/8” mild steel (capable of larger holes through thinner mild steel). METALpro’s footswitch design controls the hydraulic power system.


This machine comes standard equipped with METALpro’s punch station, ready to accept any size punch and die set or accessory to fit your needs. With an open central workstation this gives users the option to pick between any one of METALpro’s 3 in 1 shears (6-in, 8-in, 12-in) or brakes (8-in or 12-in). METALpro stands behind their machines with a one-year limited manufacturing warranty. All METALpro machines and accessories are proudly made in the USA and built to last.


*All METALpro accessories can be used across all ironworker models. (MP45PSP on 40 ton models is the only exception)



Metal Pro MP4000 40 Ton Ironworker

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